5 Reasons to Get a Chiropractic Adjustment

chiropractic adjustmentChiropractic adjustments do a lot more than just relieve pain. Read on to learn five reasons to get a chiropractic adjustment.

Thinking about a chiropractic adjustment?

Did you know 10.3% of American adults seek chiropractic care each year? That’s one out of every ten adults. Do chiropractors work? Yes. The numbers speak for themselves.

Do their treatments work in every case? Of course not. They work for specific types of treatment. You wouldn’t see a chiropractor for heart arrhythmia, just as you wouldn’t see a neurosurgeon for a broken leg.

Are you curious which issues chiropractors treat successfully? Then stick around. Coming up are the top five reasons to seek a chiropractor near you. Read on.

1. Neck and Lower Back Pain

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, chiropractors treat patients by addressing the neuromusculoskeletal system. That means, they work with nerves, muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. They use spinal adjustments and manipulation to manage clients’ medical problems.

The most common condition chiropractors treat is neck and back pain. When surgeries are the alternatives, many adults try a non-invasive chiropractic neck adjustment. Or back adjustment.

Adjusting your spine is also a less expensive alternative to costly medications. Often times a simple set of adjustments can alleviate moderate to severe back pain.

Many people also seek out a chiropractor for a personal injury, especially from car accidents. They can adjust spines, ribs, and even treat whiplash.

2. Blood Pressure

Few people think of chiropractors for high blood pressure. But they should. Here’s what a study published in the Human Journal of Hypertension showed the following: Chiropractic treatment affects people the same way as high blood pressure medication.

Crazy, right? And listen to this. The effects of the adjustments last up to six months. Not to mention, there are no side effects. Say goodbye to your blood pressure meds.

3. Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves abnormally. It causes:

  • severe pain
  • postural anomalies
  • trouble breathing
  • decreased range of motion

Traditional medicine offers few treatment options for scoliosis. Each of which involves drugs or surgery. Fortunately, chiropractors can reduce the long-term effects of the disease, and decrease the patient’s pain.

They treat the spine directly, realigning vertebra, ribs, and manipulating soft tissue. The results decrease the spinal curvature caused by the disease.

4. Sciatica

The sciatic nerve runs from your lumbar spine down into your leg. When structures inside your body put pressure on this nerve, it causes pain radiating from your lower back into your leg. This condition is called sciatica.

A chiropractor can manipulate these structures to take the pressure off your nerve. This decreases your pain. A good chiropractor can also speak with you about your daily routines. Specifically, which is aggravating your nerve, and how can you change it.

5. Headache Relief

Spinal misalignment and back pain can both result in severe headaches. Muscle tension starts in your back and causes tension headaches and migraines. When a chiropractor alleviates the primary condition, the result is no more headaches.

What Else Do Chiropractic Adjustments Help With?
Did we mention chiropractic adjustments also help with inflammation, neurological conditions, and colic? What about acid reflux, ear infections, vertigo, and plantar fasciitis? Well, they do that too.

Did you find this information helpful? If you’d like to learn more about chiropractic services, please pop over to our library full of chiropractor articles.

So long and good luck!

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